Dawnville Earns Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant
Posted On:
Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded $4,000 to Dawnville Elementary to support literacy instruction in the school.

Principal Sherri Travisano thanks media specialist Diane Tyner for writing the successful grant application for the school's Read and Achieve project. The $4,000 will be used to purchase Playaways (preloaded audiobook players), books that correspond with them, interactive books, and eBooks for the Read and Achieve program. Tyner said she has seen the devices help students before.

"I used Playaways in my former school and saw success with the students who used the devices," she said. "Since we have computers, iPads, iPods, and Chromebooks I thought the interactive books and eBooks would be a great addition."

Her grant application further describes the project.

The Read and Achieve program will incorporate Playaways, interactive books, and eBooks to help facilitate struggling readers and students with language barriers. These devices allow students to read the words and hear the words as they read the books. This is especially helpful for English Language Learners who have a language barrier. Hearing the words as they read reinforces the letter sounds and  increases the student's knowledge of new words or unfamiliar words. Interactive books and eBooks allow students to see definitions of words they don't know simply by highlighting and clicking on the words as they read. This is very helpful for struggling readers and EL students in aiding reading comprehension. Teachers and students will have access to the Playaways, interactive books, and eBooks through the school library.

According to its website, "The Dollar General Literacy Foundation believes learning to read and receiving your high school diploma or equivalent is an investment that opens doorways for personal, professional and economic growth."

The foundation cites three program goals on the site.

  1. Increase access to programs that are designed to help adults and youth who are struggling with basic literacy and education.
  2. Ensure individuals are able to read English at proficient levels to advance toward and obtain their high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Help create models of success/best practices that can be replicated in order to help increase the high school graduation rate and GED attainment rate in the United States.

To learn more about the foundation visit dollargeneral.com.